Weekly Journal – January 14, 2018

Had the thought that I would start doing a recap of my week.  I am not in the habit of writing in my journal every night so this might help me get some thoughts out on a weekly basis and share them with you.  One goal is to write in my journal more often but this will give you an idea of my week and how things went.

You may not care about a lot of the stuff I write but something might resonate and help you.  I will start with some things I am grateful for and then share a bit about my week.


Things I am grateful for…

Things i am grateful for

My drive and ambition to achieve more.  In the past, I always wanted to do more and I knew I “should” do more but my anxiety and depression held me back.  That is no longer the case.  I have loved the challenge of interviewing for new jobs, taking on more responsibility at work, studying for a new professional designation and wanting to give back to my community.

Books!  Reading has always been an escape for me, taking my mind to another place so I wouldn’t think about all the problems I had.  To an extent, I still do this as I enjoy reading before bed to help relax my mind.  I am an over thinker by nature so reading helps me calm my brain.  I have also started reading a lot of personal development books which have educated me in a lot of different areas.  Reading is one activity I suggest everyone tries (see what I read this week further down in the blog).

The sun shining today!  After a week and a half of cloudy, rainy days, it is a pleasure to feel the warm sun through the window.  Looks like tomorrow will be sunny as well so I am going to try and get outside.


As I have been promoted into different roles over the last several months, my responsibilities at work have increased.  I have welcomed this and have enjoyed the new challenges.  One of the new responsibilities is reviewing the work of about eight other auditors.  This work falls on top of my own work so it has lead to some longer days.

One of my co-workers has been a pain in the ass to put it mildly.  I have always had a good working relationship with her but this is the first time I have reviewed her work.  She has pushed back and complained about everything I have said towards her work (review comments asking for clarity).  It has been a good learning experience for me in how to stay calm and handle difficult people.

I have really enjoyed my job since my return to work for some time away to get healthy but I have kept my eyes open to other opportunities.  This past week I had to complete an assignment as part of the second stage of an interview process for a new job.  It was pretty challenging in that there were way too many questions to answer in the two hour window they provided.  Even had to prepare a slide show presentation for one of the questions.  I hate to get too excited about this position as there is a ways to go in the process but it seems like it would be a very good opportunity.  We shall see.


I am still fighting this flu which is annoying.  This is the third week.  It has sapped my energy, I am still coughing and I have either pulled some muscle in my chest or something else is up.  Hurts to breathe/cough/move.   Will have to get it checked out if it persists.

As a result of this flu, I haven’t been able to exercise.  This has been a real eye opener for me in relation to my mental health.  This summer I started exercising a lot more and noted I was in much better moods when I did it.  Especially cardio work.  Not being able to do it over the last few weeks has really made a difference in my mood.  Of course other factors like being sick have not helped but I can see the effect that exercise has on me.  I am looking forward to getting back to a routine of exercise.

I am also considering the idea of getting off my meds.  Currently I am on 150 mg of Effexor XR and I can say they have helped me but I hate being dependent on them.  I think I am in a much better place now and want to try it without.  Won’t know unless I try!

other stuff

I had a board of directors meeting this week.  It has been a great opportunity for me to meet some other people and get involved.  We are still dealing with some serious issues that could really impact the organization and back interviewing people for an executive director position.   Looks like I will have more interviews to be a part of this week.

I finished reading “You are a Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life” by Jen Sincero.  It was a really good book and I highly recommend it even if you already think your life is awesome.  I have thought about doing a “book review” blog on the books I read.  Stay tuned!

Studying has taken a bit of a back seat this week given everything else I had going on but I will probably do some practice questions tonight.  I have six months to prepare myself to write the exam but I don’t want to take that long.  My goal is about three months.

I hope you all had an awesome week and have a great week ahead!