“How To’s” – Should You Really Take The Advice?

Yes, this is a bit of a rant…

Every blog I come across now seems to have at least one or two “How To” blogs.  With the unlimited amount of information available on the internet, a person can basically write about anything and proclaim to know what they are talking about.

I am pretty sure I could do an hour of research and write a blog about anything like building a table.  Never made a table in my life but I bet I could make it seem like I really knew what I was talking about.  The trouble is, how many people actually speak about what they really know?  Who can you trust is speaking from experience and not just some web surfing?  It is one thing if they state it is their opinion but if they claim to know, I would be careful.

Now of course there are a lot of people who speak from experience and say life’s education.  I don’t discount them and I think a person can learn a lot from those blogs.  But be careful not to take advice from a blog that seems to be about everything.  If it is too general in nature, chances are it is just written for attention.

I might come across as being negative but I hope not.  Any “how to” blog I share is strictly from my experiences.  The thoughts and practices I have taken when dealing with depression and anxiety.  The tips and tricks that I learned from my doctors/counselors/psychiatrists.  I would never suggest that you try something I have never tried myself.

So just beware when you are out surfing the net.  Don’t always trust the source of the information.

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