Weekly Journal – February 5, 2018

Finally into February.  January seemed to go by pretty quickly.  Quite a bit happened this week so it also went by fast.  Staying busy with different activities has been good.


Work was busy this week as I have been pulled into several different projects.  Keeps me from getting to my own stuff which has been overwhelming at times but I enjoy the variety of work.  Seems my managers understand other work gets pushed back if I am doing priority work.  Not much news on this front but I am enjoying work a lot more than I ever have.


I didn’t get the news I was hoping for this week with regards to the job application with the airport.  Unfortunately I was the runner up yet again.  I was told that I was an “extremely strong candidate” and was truly the runner up to an internal applicant.  Interesting to hear that there was an internal candidate in the running.  It is often pretty hard to beat out somebody they already know.

I can honestly say I was pretty disappointed about this result.  I had a good feeling about it and was hoping to land the position.  The HR contact stated that if anything changed or if another position was to open up in the near future they would contact me.  Although disappointed, the experience was great and I was able to do the interviews without extra anxiety getting to me.  I plan to email the lady who was in both interviews to ask for areas I can improve on so I know for next time.  All in all, I am happy I applied and went through the process.


Really looking forward to my 2 week vacation in Phoenix at the end of the month.  One week with my buddies and then a week with my family.  So excited.  Only concern is my ribs.  I have a slight tear in a rib muscle from when I had the flu (coughing) and it hasn’t healed.  It hurts when I sleep on it, exercise, take deep breathes and twist.  As I need to twist my body when I am golfing, it needs to heal!  I am staying positive that it will though.  Been taking it as easy as I can.

desert golf


Feeling at peace with myself this past week.  For whatever reason, the last couple weeks have been big “ah hah” weeks.  I feel as though I recognized the mistakes I had been making in different areas and I understand how I need to act going forward.  It’s a good feeling to be able to self correct like that.  Granted I had to go through the process of messing up to get to that point but still confident I can be better going forward.  Still hopeful I can repair a couple of the relationships I have messed up but I have to accept that I might now.

I have also started this meditation experiment which has been interesting.  I haven’t had the chance to finish the book I am reading about it but I have started doing at least 5 minutes each morning before I start my day.  My brain has always been very active so this has been a challenge.  Trying to focus on the present and not a multitude of other “things” has been hard.  The jury is still out on the whole process though.

Watching the Super Bowl tonight and cooking some slow beer braised beef ribs tonight.  Also have another project that I started this weekend that I will share at a later date.  Need to get back to studying for my CIA exam but since I am off on holidays in a few weeks, I doubt I will get too into it just yet.

Mark Manson

Looking forward to reading some more tonight.  Love getting stuck in a great book.  Check out my “books you should read” page to see what I have finished.  Highly recommend them!

Hope you have a great week!

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